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Project Goal

Sir Run Run Shaw was a philanthropist and entertainment mogul. He believed the quest for knowledge is key to sustaining the advancement of civilization, and scientists focused on unmasking the mysteries of nature are pivotal to the well-being of mankind. 

The Shaw Prize was established to inspire and recognize imaginative individuals who are committed to scientific research and highlight their discoveries. Our mandate was to manifest the synergy of the Shaw Prize and create a homepage that speaks to all stakeholders.

Project  The Shaw Prize
Client  The Shaw Prize
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When it goes to Smartphones
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How We Did it

To strengthen the brand’s unique standing, we repositioned various stages the Shaw Prize goes through and presented it as a cycle to create brand hype. 


Every year, the Shaw Prize experiences the cycle of the nomination process, announcements of Shaw Laureates and the award presentation. 


The cycle catered to all audiences, including the conference section for media, announcements of winners for laureates or education institutions and award presentations for winners and media. 


Unique landing pages are created under Prizes and Laureates to highlight the outstanding biographies of the winners in a neat manner that will last through years to come.

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